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    Yuxi gentle bag how you can identify accurate and fake, yuxi gentle bag accurate and fake cigarette chart comparison
    Numerous fake "yuxi" (soft) smoking were discovered after yuxi modified its smoke packaging alerts. In order to avoid consumers through Newport Cigarettes Wholesale Cheap being fooled, xiaobian collated regarding yuxi gentle bag how you can identify the real and fake related intro, following xiaobian to comprehend it.
    1. Comparison associated with material distinction of smoke packaging movie (transparent paper) employed for small container packaging: the rubbing coefficient associated with transparent paper employed for real tobacco is Cheap Carton of Newport 100s gloomier, the openness is higher, and the top is smoother and also the paper is actually thinner whenever touched manually; The clear paper employed for fake smoking is rough, and the actual friction coefficient is actually higher. It may be felt manually that the actual paper is actually thicker.
    two small container pull along with line materials and anti-counterfeiting technologies difference assessment: real smoke cigarettes pull along with line with regard to self-adhesive unique pull along with line, underneath the ultraviolet neon light may show red-colored letter design, in the standard light change different Position observation may transform the purple; Phony smoke draw line tend to be ordinary draw line, manufacturing process is actually rough, don't have the features USA Cigarettes Wholesale and impact of actual smoke draw line.
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