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    Logan Thomas, tight end said that his Madden rating had to increase from the previous year's score of 63. What do you think would be appropriate mut coins? He is wearing the number 82. He has No.82 on his jersey, and seemed to believe that it was a great rating following his breakout season in 2020. Prior to joining the WFT, Logan Thomas had only racked up 35 receptions for 317 yards throughout his career.

    Thomas more than doubled both of the numbers in just one year in 2020. He hauled 72 receptions for 670 yards. PFF ranked Washington's first tight-end as the No. despite Thomas's excellent year, ranking 9th in touchdowns and 7th in receiving yards. PFF placed Washington's starting tight end as the number. 14 in their rankings this month of the top 32 tight end players in the NFL. Clearly, Thomas is hoping to earn greater appreciation from the Madden rating team.

    Sweat was laughing when the question was asked of him. Sweat like Logan Thomas was insistent that the new rating was "definitely larger" than the Madden NFL 22 version. Sweat did not go public with the number he felt earned, but if Logan Thomas' jersey number seemed to be the ideal score for him, then perhaps Sweat's no. is a better fit at 90.

    In terms of statistical data, Sweat proved to be the most efficient DE in the Football Team in the 2020 season. He led the team's efforts in batted passes, hurries hits and sacks. He forced two fumbles, and returned an interception to score a touchdown against the division rival Dallas Cowboys cheap Mut 22 coins. PFF awarded him an 87.0 grade for run defense, and 77.5 for pass rush.
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