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    Kelce was selected for the "Madden NFL 22' 99 Club. He was awarded the highest player rating at the tight end position prior to Madden 22 coinsthe game's debut. Kelce was a member of the 99 Club last season after having a remarkable run of numbers. Madden has realized that they made a mistake and made Kelce one of the best tight end in the game since the beginning.

    Kelce was pleasantly surprised on the plane with an exclusive invitation to join the 99 Club, fit with an overall chain necklace from 99. See it here: "Madden, thank you, man, thank you," Kelce said. It's always humbling to be one of the highest-rated players in the game. . . Madden was one of my most favorite games playing as a child. I always wanted to be one of the players that were most highly-rated players in the game. It's incredible that I'm one of them." When Madden NFL 22 launches on August 20, 2022 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S, 99 of the overall Kelce will be available to view.

    Julio Jones, not A.J. Brown is listed as the top 10 WR in Madden NFL 22. We are all irrationally thrilled over the scores of the players on the latest episodes of "Madden NFL" A well-known video game franchise. "Madden NFL 22" will be released on Aug. 20, but in the meantime initial player ratings are trickling out, position-by-position.

    On Monday the top 10 rating for wide receivers have been revealed on ESPN, and new Tennessee Titans wide receiver Julio Jones has the fifth-highest rating with a 95. Jones' teammate A.J. is the only notable absentee from the top 10. Brown His rating, which has yet to be announced has not made it. The complete list is below:

    Were we able to argue for Brown being rated higher than like Amari Cooper or Keenan Allen? You bet. Brown had more receiving yards and touchdowns than Allen during the season. Brown was only 39 yards shy of Cooper's total and scored more touchdowns than Allen, despite playing in two less games. Of course, Cooper had to deal with terrible quarterback play, but Brown was playing with two knee injuries. Allen and Brown were the only two players out of three to buy madden coins make the Pro Bowl.
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